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Robyn and Marisol, part 2 by GwydionR Robyn and Marisol, part 2 by GwydionR
"Okay, take a look at those two wheels on the side of the table. I'm not totally sure on the mechanics of it, but they spin magnets in the table that turn gears in the corners of the box." Marisol closed the front, and it clicked, locking in place and engaging the gears. Robyn walked over and eyed the wheels. "Robyn, go ahead, close the lid and spin the wheels- you'll like this... and so will I."

Robyn looked at Marisol smiling back at her as she closed the lid. Like the front, it clicked in place, engaging the gears. She reached down, and turned one of the wheels, very slightly. There was another clicking sound. "Mari, what happened?" Marisol giggled from inside. Her voice was slightly muffled by the walls of the box. "Oh, come on, you'll need to turn it a bit more than that."

Robyn turned the wheel a full turn, and several clicks came from the box as she did so. Something about it had changed... it was a little more narrow than before. Mari laughed from inside. "Those wheels make the box compress. It's self-working- someone from the audience can do it. Go ahead, turn 'em both!" Robyn complied, turning the wheels several times. The box began to shrink noticably. Robyn guessed it was about two feet square, now.

"Hang on a sec," Marisol called from inside. There was a click, and the lid lifted up. "Sorry- one of the sides must need a slight adjustment. My shirt got caught- fixed it, but might as well dump it so it doesn't get torn, just in case." A slender arm snaked out of the open lid, and Robyn watched Marisol drop her shirt on the side of the table.
skindral Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012
Well now this is going to be fun :D it's nice to see some pictures for that story--that shrinking box is a great idea!
GwydionR Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012  Professional Writer
Yes, and two of my favorite assistants get the spotlight. Okay, all four of them are my favorites, to be honest, but Hitomi and Laurel are busy right now...
skindral Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012
Sounds like you've got more stuff coming up which is a good thing :) And yes they're all lovely!
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